Francization Services — OQLF

Francization Services — OQLF

Under Quebec law, the purpose of the francization process is to generalize the use of the French language in written and oral communications within enterprises settling in Quebec or operating in that province.

What is francization?

Francization is the implementation of a series of practical measures to standardize the use of French in the workplace.

These steps are accompanied by specific deadlines that allow enterprises to integrate French into their day-to-day business operations.

The agency that oversees this process is the Office québécois de la langue française, better known as the “OQLF.”

Its mission is to ensure compliance with the Charter of the French Language, also known as Bill 101.

What does the process involve?

First, any enterprise located in Quebec that employs fifty persons or more for at least six months must register with the OQLF by filling out the form designed for this purpose.

Upon receipt of the form, the Office registers the enterprise and issues a certificate of registration.

Some enterprises, including those that employ more than a hundred persons, are required to form a francization committee as soon as they are registered.

The enterprise subsequently provides the OQLF with the analysis form of its linguistic situation.

If the Office finds that the enterprise is compliant in its use of French, it issues a francization certificate.

On the other hand, if the Office finds that the enterprise is not compliant in its use of French, it issues a notice requesting that a francization program be established in order to achieve the objectives of the Charter.

At this point, the enterprise has to submit its program to the OQLF and secure its approval before applying it.

When the Office finds that the enterprise is compliant with the objectives of the Charter, it issues a francization certificate.

Lastly, the enterprise is required to produce regular reports on developments in the use of French in the workplace.

This page (French only) contains full details on the process and the deadlines imposed by the OQLF.

What has to be done once the process has begun?

You will probably have to call upon a professional translation service to adapt the documentation of your enterprise in French.

We are your ideal partners as you embark on this adventure.

Tell us what you need and what deadlines you have to meet, and we will work with you to set up a schedule for the work required.

Given our familiarity with Quebec’s legislative framework and our access to an extensive pool of legal experts, we can provide the sound advice that will help you overcome any obstacles to the achievement of your goals.

This will leave you free to focus your energies where they can be most productive, and continue to grow your enterprise.

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