Terms of sale

Terms of sale




The price stated in the quote submitted to the client (hereinafter “the Quote”) is valid, if applicable, for five (5) days from the date of issue. Upon acceptance of the Quote by the client, a contract for language services (hereinafter “the Contract”) is in place between INVISIBLE Translation Inc. (hereinafter “INVISIBLE”) and the client.



INVISIBLE reserves the right to amend the Contract by submitting a new Quote if the client makes any changes to the work files, in particular affecting the number of words, the format of the electronic documents submitted or the deadline for delivery. If the client submits new content to INVISIBLE during the execution of the Contract and requests that this content be integrated into the current Contract, INVISIBLE shall consider this new content as a new request for the provision of services, resulting in a second Contract—which is separate from the current Contract.



Regardless of the nature or form of the language service rendered, minimum fees are chargeable to the client for any Contract in accordance with the schedule of rates in effect at that time. In the case of work charged by the hour, fees are billed at the applicable hourly rate set out in the schedule of rates in effect at that time (hereinafter “the Hourly rate”).



All translation Contracts for PowerPoint files are billed at the Hourly rate. All Contracts for creative translation or “transcreation” or for the adaptation of advertising, promotional or marketing materials are billed at a flat fee or at the Hourly rate, as stated in the Quote, plus a per word rate, if specified. Contracts for consulting, revision, proofreading, writing or linguistic data compilation services are billed at the Hourly rate.



The work as delivered to the client, whatever its nature, is considered final and definitive (hereinafter “the Delivery”). Should the client request that INVISIBLE make changes subsequent to Delivery, administrative fees will be charged at the Hourly rate for the time required to make such changes, plus a minimum charge of one (1) hour’s work for each request. Should the client request that INVISIBLE define or clarify grammatical concepts or provide an explanation, analysis or justification subsequent to Delivery, particularly with respect to terminological, stylistic or syntactical choices, consulting fees will be billed at the Hourly rate, plus a minimum charge of one (1) hour’s work for each request.



Under no circumstances shall INVISIBLE be liable for content published or distributed by the client or for the use made by the client of work delivered in accordance with a Contract, regardless of whether said content was created, checked, revised or translated in whole or in part by INVISIBLE.



If a Contract in progress is cancelled by the client, the client is liable for the value of work done or services performed by INVISIBLE up to the time of cancellation, plus any administrative costs incurred by INVISIBLE. Unless the client is a “consumer” within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, said administrative costs are set at twenty-five percent (25%) of the price stated in the Quote. Any advance payment made by the client will not be reimbursed. INVISIBLE reserves the right to cancel a Contract for any valid reason, particularly if the client’s requirements are excessive, unreasonable or inappropriate, or if the content provided by the client is hateful or contrary to law and order.



A Contract is given priority status when the client requests preferential treatment to INVISIBLE in terms of the deadline for Delivery of said Contract. Based on the workload of INVISIBLE when the request is received, the nature and type of documents received and their format, as well as the timeframe for completion, the language services required and the delivery arrangements, INVISIBLE will exercise its discretion in determining whether the client’s request constitutes a Priority Contract. If it does, the applicable regular rate—whether a flat fee, hourly, per word or any combination thereof—will increase by thirty-five percent (35%), and the client will be notified of the Contract’s priority status before work begins.



Unless otherwise specified in writing by INVISIBLE, invoices are payable upon receipt. Daily interest charges of 0.08216% (29.99% a year) will be added to any overdue account. Should INVISIBLE be required to use the services of a collection agency, any resulting costs will be added to the unpaid balance, over and above the said interest charges.



A Quote submitted to a client contains protected and confidential information for exclusive use by the client, which is not to be disseminated, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part without the written authorization of INVISIBLE.



Any dispute respecting a Contract shall be resolved in the judicial district of Bedford, in the city of Granby, Quebec, Canada, in accordance with the laws of Quebec. The client agrees to the election of domicile in the district of Bedford, and further agrees that the Contract shall be subject to the laws of Quebec.

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