Launch of our blog and revamped website

Hard to imagine a world without the Web, isn’t it?

Yet not so long ago, getting information and services was sometimes complicated and you had to manage with limited resources.

The advent of the Internet launched a genuine technological revolution in human history that transformed the entire planet.

One thing is certain: the effects of this new technology continue to reshape the world of communications.

Thanks to the Web, the future of social contacts and the dissemination of messages is looking ever brighter: it is literally sparkling!

Focused on the future

If there is one profession in the galaxy that can revel in these wonderful technological advances, it has to be that of translators and other language professionals.

Many of them are still haunted by typewriters, hollow voices on Dictaphone cassettes and the infernal screech of old dial-up modems used to access terminology banks, to name just a few irritants.

Sound like hell to you?

Rooted in the present

Like everyone, our team grapples with its share of technological frustration.

You know how it is: we love this technology when it works, but hate it when it grinds to a halt.

Since patience has its limits, we all end up blowing a gasket at some point!

However, once our blood pressure returns to normal, we strive to embrace technological advances and make the most of all the tools available, whether new or not so new.

You can see where we’re headed, right?

Well, we have some big news: INVISIBLE Translation is launching its blog today.

To celebrate this and our brand new website at the same time, we are virtually sabering the champagne bottle!

A special place

Feel like surfing through a cosmopolitan crossroads with the electronic device of your choice?

With this in mind, we decided to overhaul our platform to make it even more accessible, to provide even better service to our clients, colleagues and newcomers, along with the curious and devotees as well.

This means you now have access to a friendly, easy-to-use space to upgrade your knowledge, share your discoveries and tribulations, and recharge during your coffee break.

Our goal is to learn more about you and answer many of your questions by posting blog entries as often as possible with original and exclusive content!

Why a blog?

Any seasoned language professional will tell you that the world of written communications is still poorly understood by the general public.

While some still question the wisdom of forming alliances with experts, others would like to learn more about the language industry. Its role is misunderstood by many but it remains vital for everyone in today’s world.

What better than a blog to debunk myths, offer solutions, explore the unknown and discover unsuspected resources!

What awaits you

First, we want to use this tool to draw you into the world of language professionals, especially those at INVISIBLE Translation.

To this end, we will rely on the experience of members of our team, who will make every possible effort to invest your communications with the clarity and prestige they deserve.

We also want to provide you with the tools you need to recognize quality writing and be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.


A maximum dose of neuro-vitamins

Here is a glimpse at what’s ahead:

  • Useful articles that will teach you more about the language industry and the relationships between its various players;
  • Practical tips and expert advice to recognize quality and detect mediocrity;
  • New content to help you assess the relevance of professional language services;
  • A forum, agora, public venue, place for dialogue: choose whatever term you prefer. This blog seeks to engage conversation, not broadcast a monologue!

Our objective is to stimulate exchanges, listen to your perspective and raise the discussion to a new level.

To conclude (but not really)

We want to hear from you!

Do you have questions? Doubts? Comments? You’ve come to the right place! Our new platform has been developed and designed with this in mind. So feel free to send us your impressions.

Ready for this great adventure? All aboard!


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