Business Card Basics

Avoid mistakes and get it right

In the digital age, some people question the relevance of a “hard copy” business card.

Has this little piece of cardstock with your contact information become an anachronism?

Our answer is a definite no.

If you are looking to design or update your business card, here are a few suggestions.

Stick with the standard size

Business cards normally measure 8.5 cm x 5.4 cm (3.5” x 2”). This is a practical size that fits nicely into a wallet.

More adventurous souls might be tempted to adopt a larger or non-standard format.

Keep in mind, however, that such cards are likely to be folded or mistaken for a receipt, and might end up in the wastebasket.

Keep it simple

Remember the purpose of a business card: to provide your contact information.

It should not include career highlights or too much information.

Stick to the essential information, laid out clearly and concisely.

Daring to be different

Opting for a distinctive design that stands out from the crowd can be a good approach.

Originality, however, is not always appropriate where protocols apply.

Adapt your creation to your professional setting.

Effective fonts

Strive for visibility and legibility by choosing sans serif fonts that are neither too heavy nor too fine.

Fonts such as Calibri, Arial and Berlin are good examples.

They are eye-catching and look nice when special formatting is used.

The finish

Matte or glossy?

A matte surface is usually easier to write on when making a note, provided there is room, but it is easily scratched.

A glossy card may be more eye-catching, but it reflects more light and thus can prove harder to read.

We consider this a matter of personal preference.

The essence of your image

By following these tips, you will be able to present your clients with a business card that is professional and practical, and one that projects your expertise.

Now all you need to do is attend networking activities to spur on your success.

Do you have a business card? Any tips or advice to share with us? Send us your feedback at

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